About us

BX Invest - is a group of highly qualified traders, and managers with an extensive experience in investment management. We analyse a great deal of financial information, developing and improving new investment strategies to maintain the permanent and regular income.

The main activities of the project are Forex and investment management. Forex is the largest financial market with its daily transactions above $5 trillion which provides full range of advantages such as volatility, leverage and constant growth.

One should always make the money work, but often there are no enough opportunities for making analysys and managing finance. It's much more profitable to trust the competent professionals! Our team works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Daily financial analyses makes it easier for our traders to make the correct decisions when trading. And the fact that traders can execute orders of any size on the Forex market anywhere makes all the challenging dreams come true!

Our company provides such a service for private investors, managing the investment portfolios comprising of the accounts of the world's lagest stock exchanges and croudfinding platforms.

Project advantages:

- Our traders have extensive experience in finance management and have shown great results in gaining profit for several years.

- Profit is paid daily. Interest depends on the portfoilo chosen. Each portfolio is formed by its unique set of finfncial instruments. The longer the term the more the portfolio diversified and therefore, risks are lower and profits are higher.

Choose your plan, become the project partner and invest your future!